Fiona WONG Hong Kong, b. 1964


Fiona Wong Lai-Ching is an acclaimed ceramic artist who was born in Hong Kong and graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1997.  She is an inspirational and important member of the Pottery Workshop - an institution whose members work tirelessly to preserve, promote and expand the traditional techniques of ceramic art and decoration.


Working with a medium that has defined the country since antiquity, her particular expertise is with pure white porcelain but she is immersed in experiments with various clays without glazes, in their possibilities and limitations.  The raw finish of the bare clay once fired contrasts with the delicacy of each of the hand-crafted pieces brought together to form her distinctive robes and figures.


Her work with this ancient material depicts objects of pared-down shape and refined details. The sculptures which, at first, appear like armour in fact have a movement of their own - the result of dozens of small, individually-textured panels. The porcelain and clays are manipulated, stamped, pressed, folded and formed. The finished object, whether inspired by ceremonial dress or symbolic figures have a look of tooled leather, fabric or a beautifully crocheted garment.


Her work is held in public collections such as the Hong Kong Museum of Art in HK and the Heritage Museum of Art, HK among others.