Paul Kingma is known for his restrained brutalist coffee tables, the Tableaux Series,  with ceramic, stone and brass inlaid elements but he was also a sculptor and mosaic artist before experimenting, successfully, with design and furniture.


He was born in the Hague in 1931 and studied art at Arnhem before training at Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and the Royal Academy of Arts in London.  He was the sculptor of several noted public art commissions in cities such as Utrecht and Eindhoven and travelled widely, absorbing culture and practice at every opportunity.


Kingma's love of the art of mosaic never left him and he was a collector of fossils, petrified wood, stones and fragments which often found their way into his assemblages which he though of as 'scenes' or artworks in their own right.  Each of the tables he made was unique, the distinctive pattern and design recognisable but incorporating a variety of materials to achieve the final 'picture' on his tabletop.


Paul Kingma was a generous teacher and inspired his students to explore the many possibilities in sculpture and mixed media while teaching at the Institute of Visual Arts in Amersfoort, Netherlands.