Don McCollin and Maureen Bryan are a British design team whose furniture complement the interiors of discerning residences. From modest beginnings selling art design t-shirts in Portobello Road, the McCollin Bryan studio was set up in 1998.  Don had studied textile design at the Royal College of Art and Maureen, ceramics at Middlesex. Their individual disciplines have enabled them to experiment with texture, shape and form, and the possibilities and limitations of the materials with which they work.


Their materials number resins, wood, metals and plaster/scagliola: this last a finish used for centuries for its  surface resemblance to stone and marble. The 'Coffee Bean' coffee table resembles a piece of organically-mottled rock - moonlike in pale grey - and their 'Lens' table a circle of colourful glass, though each not quite what it seems at first glance.  Their inventive designs are made in open and limited editions and as unique pieces. In contrast to so much other contemporary production, McCollin Bryan never lose their focus on the hand-crafted essence of each work.