Hamed OUATTARA Burkina Faso, b. 1971


"My goal is to provide a counter point in a continent that suffers from an excess of imports, poor quality imitations and products that don't reflect our culture."

 Hamed Ouattara


Hamed Ouattara established his studio in 2000 in Ougadougou and sees himself at a crossroads of two cultures: the warmth, colour and energy of Africa combined with the more individualistic, sanitised Europe he knows well. 


His core mission is to transform local, cast-off objects into a new concept of modern luxury African design. He and his companion craftsmen are committed to the success of social design, an alliance of culture and modernity.


His pieces exhibit a bold revamp of discarded metals, plastic and, famously, used petrol and diesel drums into functional, highly-finished pieces of furniture. Each final piece, with its worn patina, draws attention to its former life and the stories contained within it - a story of the supposed disposability of the world's resources  and of global excessive consumption.


Ouattara's work was exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art, Algiers, and the Design Miami/Basel Fair, 2015 and is included in numerous private collections.