Caroline CHENG China, b. 1963


Irrepressible, creative dynamo Caroline Cheng was born in the UK and moved to Hong Kong in 1991. It was there she began teaching ceramic techniques and became Director of The Pottery Workshop, a ceramic education centre established 25 years ago and the largest ceramic centre in the city. 


She recalls trips to museums and galleries as a child with her grandfather, a renowned archaeologist, absorbing the beauty and potential of porcelain. Years later she fought property developers to preserve the old kilns of Jingdezhen in China's historic heartland. Her extraordinary designs are inspired by the country's many indigenous cultures and the complex personalities she encounters through her work.


The word 'fu' in Chinese has two meanings, 'clothing' and 'prosperity', a poignant link in our contemporary throw-away culture. Each of her sculptures, on closer inspection, reveals a complex composition, a mosaic of tiny hand-made butterflies. It is a parallel with modern China which is central to her art.


Caroline Cheng is a tireless promoter of the art of ceramics and of the reinvention of an overlooked discipline. Her work is exhibited in, among other cities, New York, Chicago and Geneva.


Work in Selected Public Collections:

National Museum, Beijing

Hong Kong Museum of Art

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Ceramic Museum, Vallauris, France

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

British Museum