Paul JENKINS USA, 1923-2012

Abstract Expressionist painter Paul Jenkins was born in 1923 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA  and at an early age was introduced to the works of artists and architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright who was commissioned by Jenkins' great-uncle to re-build his church after it was destroyed in a fire. 


In 1948 he   moved to New York to join the likes of and become lifelong friends with Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollack and Barnett Newman contributing to this famed period in the city's artistic history.  Following time spent in Sicily and Paris, where his first exhibition there was held in 1954, Jenkins' returned to New York to mount his first solo exhibition in1956  held in the Martha Jackson Gallery.


 A lifelong collector of decorative objects found on travels, Jenkins found constant inspiration around him and his work  is held in dozens of museums worldwide including  the Guggenheim, the Whitney, the Centre Pompidou and MOMA, New York.


Dr. Louis Zona, Director of the Butler Institute of American Art writes:

 "The paintings of Paul Jenkins have come to represent the spirit, vitality, and invention of post World War II American abstraction. Employing an unorthodox approach to paint application, Jenkins is as much identified with the process of controlled paint-pouring and canvas manipulation as with the gem-like veils of transparent and translucent color which have characterized his work since the late 1950s".