Andrea SALVETTI Italy, 1967-2017


Andrea Salvetti was always precocious, opening his first craft space at the age of 20. More blacksmith than 'sculptor', he was strongly influenced by the early rough and hand-made iron works of Ron Arad and by the artisan approach to design adapted by conceptual artist/designers such as Gaetano Pesce. 


Salvetti's developing lyrical approach to designs, executed primarily in metal and woodwork being recognised and in 1996 he applied this aesthetic to pieces invoking organic forms and surfaces found in nature. In working with poured aluminium - a difficult technique using a form of lost-wax casting - he was able to bring a delicate surrealism to his  work which soon became his hallmark.


His gleaming or artfully-rusted metal cabinets appeared in the form of stacks of chopped and cut wood, chairs resembled human-scale bird's nests while others appeared draped in 'fabric' as if to protect them from an invisible decorator. Every piece made with characteristic wit and attention to detail.