Yun Ju-Cheol South Korea, b. 1972

Yun’s delicately spiked sculptures employ a technique of ceramic decoration employed since the 15th century, but which he developed to express his individual style. ‘Cheomjang’, as Yun calls his particular process, involves the layering of white slip onto a vessel with a straw brush numerous (sometimes hundreds of) times to stack up the tiny spikes protruding from the body. As each layer needs drying before the application of the next, the birth of each sculpture is extremely lengthy. The sequence of applications allows Yun to change the viscosity of the slip or introduce other material (sometimes silk, metal or coloured particles of various substances). Finally gold is applied to the spike tips and finished in the final firing.


Selected Public Collections:


Henan Museum, China

Victoria & Albert Museum, UK

Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Japan

Cheongju International Craft Biennale Collection South Korea